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Dura Color has the broadest selection of Coloring Food colors on the market, giving color solutions for all food and beverage sectors, including confectionery, dairy, bakery, and savory applications. Dura Color concentrates are well regarded throughout the world for their ease of use, brilliance, performance, and consumer-friendly labelling.

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Acid colors are anionic, soluble in water, and are mostly used in an acidic bath. These colors have acidic groups such as SO3H and COOH and are applied to wool, silk, and nylon when an ionic bond is formed between the protonated –NH2 group of the fiber and the acid group of the color. Overall wash fastness is mediocre, but lightfastness is excellent. Because color and fiber have opposite electrical properties, the strike rate and uptake of acid color on these fibers is faster; a larger concentration of electrolyte is added to stall color uptake and generate levelled hues. Acid forms cation on the fiber, and temperature aids in the substitution of the negative component of the acid with anionic dye molecules.

Acid colors are water-soluble anionic colors with less ammonium salt and more sodium salt of organic acids such as sulphuric, carboxylic, or phenol. Ionic bonding with fibre cationic is revealed to be responsible for the fixation of colored anions in dyed materials during dyeing. To increase the quantity of protonated amino-groups in fibres, acid colors are added to dyeing baths. Salt-Free – RO Acid colors are available from Dura Colors. Leather, textiles, DTP inks, and woods are some of the industries that use it.



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