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Acid dyes are water-soluble dyes that are used to color a variety of materials including wool, silk, nylon, and leather. At Duracolor, we offer a range of acid dyes that are sourced from top manufacturers. Our acid dyes are known for their excellent color fastness, which means that they retain their color even after exposure to light, water, and other environmental factors. We offer a wide range of acid dyes that can be used for various applications including textile dyeing, paper dyeing, and leather dyeing. Our acid dyes come in a range of colors, including bright and vibrant shades as well as more subtle and muted tones. Our team of experts can help you choose the right acid dye for your specific needs, and we can provide guidance on how to use the dye to achieve the best results. With our high-quality acid dyes, you can be sure that your materials will have long-lasting and vibrant colors.

Acid Dyes

Product Name Color Index Fastness Shade PDR 2% LIQ 5%
Light Water
Red G Red 1 4-5 4-5  
Scarlet 3R Red 18 4 3  
Red 73 Red 73 3-4 4-5  
Fast Red A Red 88 5 4  
Maroon V Red 119 5 5-6  
Red B Red 182 5 4  
Red 2B Red 361 6 5  
Red RN Red 410 5 4  
Orange II Orange 7 4 3-4  
Orange II LIQ Orange 7 4 3-4  
Orange G Orange 10 4-5 3  
Orange SX Orange 60 5 3  
Metalic Yellow LIQ Yellow 36 3-4 4-5  
Yellow F Yellow 42 4 4 5  
Yellow MR Yellow 151 5 4  
Yellow SS Yellow 199 5 3  
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